Our Story

By Willa Wauchope

Inspiration comes from strange places, we purchased some equipment from a closing food manufacturer and within the equipment were two striking sculptural vessels that reminded me of a Jules Vern Rocket Ship. I could see them as sculptures in the garden or orchard but they begged for more… These vessels would become our stills. 

  Stills at the Fig Bar 

"... respect to the Do'ers"

The Do'ers are the people that make things happen, the collaborators, family, advisors and our team - respect to the Do'ers.

Having designed some manufacturing equipment for the figs, I set about researching distillation with a view to make the 'Rocket ships' work as stills. After many iterations and help from local engineers and family a workable design was conceived, it recycles water for cooling, incorporates heat recovery when transferring liquids from vessel to vessel and will incorporate our own design segmented column to enable beautiful balanced flavours to be extracted from the distillate. 


Willa & Marythe Do'ers - at home with the family

Why Gin?

Gin provides a unique platform for expression, one has an opportunity to overwrite and complement juniper in a multitude of ways. When designing our Fig Gin it was important to ensure that the fig was the driver and the juniper the carrier and together merge to form a complex yet versatile spirit. Aspects of the Fig Gin are brought forward as complimentary additions to a drink are added, ice, lime, tonic and many others all bring out the complex hidden flavours within gin. We are lucky as distillers and creators, to see support of gin by so many.


Willa - at work